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Kids love this book by Eric Carle. The children painted the face of a brown bear. We all know that you can paint with your hands or with brushes, but we did it with forks to make a perfect bear fur! Kids were astonished and loved it!

Halloween week

Halloween is over and we will all miss it! It was a great week working on spooky Halloween characters such as ghosts, mummies, and jack-o’-lanterns! This week children were changing much more happily than ever before into their Halloween Costumes!


With the “Haunted House Math Activity” children recognized the tag numbers and match them to same number ghosts! Using ice cube trays and scooping red apples, we reinforced rote counting 1 to 10! Then older children reviewed numbers 1 to 10 with NUMBER BINGO!


An area of the preschool has been transformed into a cute wardrobe, laundry and ironing room! Through several fun and playful activities the kids have hung the laundry on a clothing line, opening and closing cloth pins and have ironed and folded clothes! We talked about “neat” and “messy” wardrobes over the week. The children … Continue reading

leather class!

Today`s leather class, we are all making something…. take all the tapes out from the leather sheets and… put them around the tiny bottles… that look like a some kind of animal…. it has a ear… and the big long nose…. hummmm… Can you guess what is that going to be??? 😉  

The never ending bubble!

The never ending bubble!

Today was full of laughter and as you can tell a few tears.  The kids continued learning about bubbles and were really excited to see all the colors and the sizes of each bubble.  It was fun to see each child react differently to being in their own personal bubble.  This was certainly a new … Continue reading

leather class

    Look! It`s almost done!!   Yay!! Look at mine! I have colorful jet in my hand!     Mine is Pink train! Let`s see how our leather toys turn out! We are all so excited!! 😉