Leather Crafts last November 11

Last November 11, the preschool children of SOMOS International School started making a new set of leather crafts in preparation for this year’s Christmas celebration.


The kids class started their activity first. Teacher Mako distributed three leather stars to every student. In here, they painted those cute stars.


The kids were even talking to each other as to what color the stars would be painted. One said that it was gold, and another one said that it was yellow. How about if we’d say that it was twinkling yellow?


Afterwards, the baby class had their turn in painting. The small children were looking forward to paint their own stars with Teacher Mako.



While holding their brushes well with their small hands, they did their best in coloring their tiny stars.


Next week, the preschool children will color a new set of stars. The teachers heard that the next color would be silver, but can we say that it is shiny gray?


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