Posted in April 2013

Memories of Spring Camp

Memories of Spring Camp

You may have known we had an epic 5 days of Spring camp a few weeks ago! It was full of food, fun, laughter, games, South American flags and DIY food and craft projects! We’ve too many pictures to share on our blog for now, but here’s some pictures from our food feature day at … Continue reading

Hands up for handprints!

    We have A LOT of creative students here at Somos, and our babies are no exception. Here’s some Colombian flag crafts ‘hand’ made by our youngest bubs!

“This Scent Don’t Lie”

Recently, the Saturday media class was asked to research a bit about Colombian culture and the country’s key exports and imports to create a brand new product and their own marketing campaign.   From literally hundreds of ideas, the perfume¬†Flor was born – aimed at women in Japan and made from fruit flavours and the … Continue reading

Leather Crafts

In the lead up to our leather crafts workshops at Tokyu Hands¬†happening throughout April, Somos International School’s staff and students have been learning how to work with leather in different ways! Woven, painted, shaped and designing – there are so many things you can do with a lovely piece of leather. Our first workshop saw … Continue reading

Somos Gets Artsy

Somos students and their teachers have been having way too much fun with their arts and crafts whilst learning about the current country of study, Colombia. Art projects include carnival masks, maracas, an array of different flowers and paper plate animals from the jungle!